Only a few bookmakers in the world are able to provide the Direct Streaming service to implement the Live Betting section.


Betwinner also offers a huge number of bets regarding live sports coverage, with almost 1,000 events provided on a daily basis. Football, of course, plays a dominant part of their operations, with important matches of the Champions League and the English Premier League arriving with over 250 different live odds per game.

These markets include the winner of the match, the first goal scorer, the under / over markets or the number of corner kicks. Meanwhile, sports such as tennis, ice hockey and basketball are among the best covered by Betwinner, while disciplines such as horse racing and minor sports are continually being improved.

Betwinner - Live Betting

Another thing that the Betwinner bookmaker is well known is the total coverage of live events. They offer more events than 99% of the other bookmakers, they have slightly better odds than the rest of them and offer more markets live. Although the interface related to this type of betting seems a bit confusing for players at first sight, it is only because there are many more details directly visible than on most other bookmakers.

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The website could be blocked, if you have this problem, find out how to access Betwinner from abroad.
Live Odds
Live Odds Mobile

Notice of odds changes, different options and multiple betting options make the web portal almost unrecognizable at the time of most traffic and proposed markets. It is clear that the arrangement of the options could have been done in a better and simpler way, with the drop-down menu for example or the ability to adjust this interface.

Betwinner - Live Match

Betwinner is one of the best sites when it comes to offering its customers a selection of live and prematch betting types. The betting markets include the most common options, such as 1X2, under / over, handicap and total goal bets and scorers, but of course there are also many others up to over 500 odds per single match! [See image below!]

You can choose between two different display options, so that the bets are displayed in two columns or in a single column. Also you can use the search function which is really useful if you do not want to browse hundreds of bets. Betwinner also shows some of the most important statistics at the top of the match.

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The website could be blocked, if you have this problem, find out how to access Betwinner from abroad.
Live Match
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To place a bet, simply click on the odds of the match between the many types of bets and your selection will appear on the right side of the screen. Betwinner shows the name of the event and the bet you are about to place at the top of your ticket. Next, you can choose the bet you want to bet on that game.

List of all types of live bets:

1x2, Double Chance, Both Sign, Total, Handicap, Total 1, Total 2, Next Goal, Exact Result, Total Asian, Asian Handicap, Goal Up to Minute, Result For Current Minute, Partial / Final, Odd / Even, Goal in Both Times, First Goal, Second Goal, Time of First Goal, Goal in Time, Total Goal Minutes, Goal in Time Interval, Goal After Minute - Yes / No, Last Goal, Vince In Rimonta, Minute Result , Handicap to Minute, Total to Minute, All Time - Total Under, All Time - Total Over, Goal in Recovery, PT-F + Total, Victory of, Result and Both Teams Score, Goal in Time Interval - Yes / No, Team Goal In Both Times, Vince Exactly a Goal or Draw, Score for First and not Vince, Time in Advantage, Total Goal in the interval, Team and Time of Goal, Team Score In Times, Teams Goal, Total and Both Sign, Both Sign Teams in Times, Both Sign Yes / No + Total, Squa dra Vince a Zero, Team Marks N Goal, Team Scores Goal Consecutive, In Which Time Team Score his Goal, Result + Number of Goals, Half Time or Match Result, Match Result + First Time Total, Total Over Time, Advantage + Match Result, Both Times Won by Different Teams, Exact Number of Goals, Team Follower Goal, Mark in Both Times, 1X2 + First Goal, Half Time Score + Match Result, Mark First Goal and Vince, Mark First Goal and not Vince, Score First Goal and Draw, Score First Goal and Lose, At least One Team will score.

Once you have placed a bet, they will automatically show you your potential winnings. You can also add more selections to your ticket by entering an event code or simply browsing the sports and matches on the site.

Betwinner - Live Streaming

Betwinner live streaming allows you to watch for free sports events that are happening in real time so you can organize your bets accordingly. It is useful as a service, but above all free and so you do not have to worry about paying extra or needing a special promotional code. The only thing you need to do is create an account.

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The website could be blocked, if you have this problem, find out how to access Betwinner from abroad.
Live Streaming
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In addition to being able to capture the game live, there are hundreds of live in-game markets that you can bet on all your favorite sports.

How to Watch the Live Stream

One thing you should be excited about for live streaming is image clarity and super-fast speed. Just because you know that to activate live streaming, you have to fund your account with the minimum required deposit required. With both KODI and Acestream systems, you can watch sports events live on Betwinner in HD!

These currently support sports:
How to find the Live Stream icon

There is no real section dedicated to live streaming broadcasts, but you need to find the LIVE icon that certifies that that event is visible in live streaming! As previously said, not all sports support this function, in the page dedicated to Live Betting you can find out which matches are visible in clear both on your home computer and on your smartphone

Locate the LIVE icon as and tap above:
Live Stream
Live Stream Mobile
Usually, there is an average of 250 live Betwinner events available to bet in real time and in most cases, one third of these events will be supported by the Streaming feature.